Dynamic Group was recently able to celebrate an amazing milestone with our Continuous Improvement program.  After previous struggles to initiate Lean and Continuous Improvement activities, with input of others from Industry and our own internal development, we were able to kick off a great program in 2012 that focused on getting all employees engaged in making small improvements every day.

With excellent employee engagement, on October 29th 2014, less than three years into our lean journey, we hit 1,000 total Continuous Improvements for the program!

Employee empowerment to take action on improving efficiency, communication, or simply to eliminate reoccurring frustrations is the foundation of the program.  From small 5S projects on a tool cart to large Kaizen events that standardize a process or reorganize a work cell, each improvement is valued and recognized.  The results are evident.  Those who tour our facilities are impressed by the cleanliness, organization, and recognize the great group of people we are lucky to have!

The success of Dynamic Group and its customers relies on the ingenuity, determination, and positive attitude of our employees.  We thank each and every one of our employees for helping make us better every day in 1,000 different ways!

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