A Responsive Design Solution
A Responsive Design Solution

A Responsive Design Solution


Dynamic Group customers have become accustomed to the quick-response, fast turn-around, solid design solutions and complete communication skill-sets they expect. Dynamic Group understands many customers actually require faster, custom quotes when responding to most any RFQ and have created internal systems to meet such demands.

However, this particular scenario stood apart. It all began at 10am on a Friday morning.

A current customer made a hurried call stating a very hot RFQ was on its way.

The Dynamic Group wheels were already in motion, but this time, something was different.


This was an aggressive request consisting of 8 molds and molding. As in most cases, the designers at Dynamic Group will evaluate each design, providing better quotations often uncovering possible problems up-front. And, this was no exception.

The Dynamic Group designers knew, one of the required parts had significant design flaws. The difference in Dynamic Group’s approach centers on the solutions.

By Monday, the quotation was finalized along with a full presentation for the customer highlighting the design solutions Dynamic suggested in order for all 8 of the parts to be perfect…the first time.

When the customer was presented the full-quote and design amendments, they stated that Dynamic Group competitors did express some concern, but only Dynamic provided the comprehensive solutions. Dynamic Group was awarded the PO immediately.

The customer’s decision was influenced by a more responsive team of professionals, including a very experienced group of designers providing big benefits to every customer the company serves.

Responsiveness, fast-turnaround and real solutions—business traits to be expected by partnering with Dynamic Group.

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