Oxford defines Continuity as: An unbroken connection or line of development.

That’s exactly what the founders of Dynamic Group had in mind when beginning the business of succession planning several years ago. “We want to be there, providing the best and most successful answers for all of our customers for the next 30 years and beyond, just like our fathers have done from the start,” stated Steve Kalina, Executive Vice President.



Next Generation is in Place and Ready

From 1977, Peter McGillivray and Dave Kalina have been partners building what we all know as “Dynamic Group”. Both were professional mold builders and both had a yearning for entrepreneurship. Of course, neither knew exactly where the road to hopeful success would bring them, but what did happen was each partner provided a natural means to eventual succession of operations and new ownerships.

Dave’s two sons and Peter’s one, have become the new force behind precision mold building and professional molding operations at Dynamic Group. After working in the business part-time as teenagers, each went outside the business to gain industry experience and training.  They each have returned and worked their way up to key managerial roles within the company.

Brian Kalina, Vice President of Tooling Operations, oversees the world-class mold building operations at the Coon Rapids, Minnesota facility. Joe McGillivray, Vice President of Technology, searches out and evaluates the use of new technology to innovate Dynamic Group solutions. Steve Kalina, Executive Vice President, oversees the molding, quality, engineering and business development activities.

Latest statistics show, on average, the vast majority of management within manufacturing companies in America stay in those positions around 5 years or less.

With many companies still led by their entrepreneurial baby-boomers ready for retirement and no succession plan in place, it’s hard to say where many of those businesses will end up.

For the past 38 years, Dave Kalina and Peter McGillivray have been at the helm of Dynamic Group. The next generation of ownership has over 50 combined years in the business and knowing the same professionals will be there for the next 30 years is also a continuing source of comfort for Dynamic Group customers. “It breeds stronger relationships, greater trust, ongoing reliability and a consistent feeling of continuity”, said one Dynamic Group customer.

“Each son is in a position that uses their innate strengths”, commented Peter McGillivray, “they have each been a part of the organization for many years already, that experience has prepped them extremely well for taking care of our customers, as they have become used to.”

“The transition has been well-planned and seamless,” stated Steve Kalina, “manufacturing today is different from when our fathers began in the 70’s, just the technology is massively more involved, but that is something we embrace at Dynamic Group. We want to be there, providing the best and most successful answers for all of our customers for the next 30 years and beyond, just like our fathers have done from the start.”


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