Dynamic Group is the PREMIER mold builder in the world for injection molds, with many “firsts”, such as the use of wire EDM, “departments”, full CAD design and programming, the first ISO certified mold builder, etc and we were the first to enter the MIM arena, decades ago. The highly specialized requirements and delicate nuances for a vast array of materials can only be acquired by paying your dues over many years. As we also have a molding division that test and qualify the molds we build, we understand materials like no other mold builder.

Dynamic has a proud history of manufacturing molds from single cavity, to large multi cavity, complex action hot runners that run many millions of cycles, that if properly maintained, never actually wear out! We have over 1,000 years of accumulative engineering knowledge and experience, having made over 7,000 molds so far. We are “departamentalized”, we “build to the number”, our precision (to one ten thousandth of an inch) and around the clock efficiency, allows us to often make more molds in a week or 2, than small shops build in a year.

Unless otherwise specified, your Dynamic mold will have a custom built wooden box made to protect your investment. Large molds will have a pallet type base and small molds have hinged boxes with locks, custom fit with foam or other types of support interiors. This helps guard against physical and atmospheric damage.

Dynamic Group offers a complete range of design, tool build, sampling services, to full production validation for medical components and devices.

We build:

  • Single shot
  • Insert
  • Unscrewing
  • Carbon fiber
  • hot oil, electric, etc
  • Multi-shot
  • complex actions

  • collapsible cores
  • Rotary
  • hot manifold
  • cams, telescopes, shut offs
  • coining risers
  • silicone

We service demanding high precision customers such as:

  • Medical
  • Hydraulics
  • Defense
  • Optics

  • Aerospace
  • Consumer
  • Electronics
  • Transportation