Not Singing the Blues, Brothers
Not Singing the Blues, Brothers

Not Singing the Blues, Brothers


 When Dynamic Group began their Continuous Improvement program, it was presented as a challenge to all Dynamic Group employees.  We knew how many companies have trouble getting positive participation surrounding any lean initiative program and Dynamic Group was no exception–we experienced those stumbling blocks, as well. But, something happened along the way that changed everything…


The original program compelled each employee to tell the company how they would do things differently, how one could see their way to “being better” at their job, changing company culture or business protocols…anything where the company and the employee might improve. It was difficult encouraging people to make their suggestions at first.

But momentum started to swing.  We leveraged the key employees who believed in LEAN and they helped draw in others. CI teams were being built. Our IT department developed the idea to place the program within our internal network,creating a web-based program so everyone could easily log-in and see the current initiatives at work, enter submissions and watch results happen in real-time. Teams took on themed names from the music world and television shows. It appears a little friendly competition breeds excitement and participation! A solution was found, launching a CI culture, now with 90% employee engagement! This is a true success story.


Now, with over 1,300 projects completed, the company has increased production, gained greater momentum, cut significant costs and continues to become better. As just one example, an initiative launched by the CI program saved one medical device customer $20,000 annually with a suggestion for mold layout changes and material reduction!


 Ultimately, our customers are the greatest benefactors of this program and that was the original intention all along. With time and cost saving programs in place, all initiated by employees, each customer we serve enjoys the results of these programs reflected in many ways throughout both Dynamic Group facilities.


CI Coordinator, Rich Bengtson stated, “This CI Program has helped us to improve throughput and take on larger programs that we could not have tackled in the past and

 with lead-times that were never thought possible. It has also been a great tool for employee engagement and retention which helps all our employees make a difference, take greater pride in their work and our customer’s product.”

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