Dynamic Group
Product Development

Product Development

Dynamic Group offers a full portfolio of mold build and molding solutions from supporting product design, through prototype development, to full production. Our integrated resources enable us to reduce development time, gets product to market faster, reduce overall program cost, and improve product yield.

Development services offered by Dynamic Group:

  • 3D Printing / Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM): Create strong, detailed working models using ABS plastic cutting development time from weeks to days. Test Form, Fit and Function to explore design options before committing to final part design and tooling.
  • Prototype/Bridge Tooling: Dynamic Group has developed an In-House “Master Mold Base” that speeds up the time to market and lowers tooling cost.
  • Product conceptualization: Driving innovation, validating new product ideas and verifying, as well as, prototyping their potential for customers and investors.
  • Product Development Realization: By combining your product ideas with our delivery capabilities, you can quickly reap time-to-value.
  • Product enhancements: We increase the life of the product by adding features to keep it relevant to ever- changing market needs.

Keeping cost down is key, we know it and you know it. Let Dynamic Group assist you in the quest for a successful, economic outcome without sacrificing quality or part design.

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